Friday, September 08, 2006

The Duke's Steak

Well known as Beef Wellington, this tenderloin of beef in puff pastry was originally created to honour the Duke of Wellington. The Duke is said to have requested that this beef dish be served at any dinner that he might be hosting.

Things to keep in mind when making this dish are that the meat must be under cooked slightly because once in the pastry it will cook further. This particular version of it was made using a pastry cutter. And don’t forget to season the Duxelles well.

The French after Napoleon's defeat, simply called the it, Filet de Boeuf en Cro-te. Beef Wellington is a combination of seared filet of beef tenderloin done in either a large cut or in individual servings. The beef is seared, then topped with either Foie Gras, a Duxelles which is a mince of mushrooms blended with additional flavorings created by the 17th-century French chef Fran├žois Pierre La Varenne or both, wrapped in puff pastry and finished in the oven. As with Chateaubriand, the noble Wellington is accompanied by one or two sauces, which are Bearnaise, Colbert, Madeira, Perigourdine or Chateaubriand.


srisang said...

This is such a beautiful cake! I love chocolate with pears - and (almost) flourless chocolate cake is the best. Beautiful photos :)

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Anonymous said...

how to get philadelphia cheese cream in sri lanaka?